Friday, May 9, 2008

onBI: multiple email recipients

Added multiple email addresses capability. In order to use it you have to separate each address by comma or semicolon.
for ex:;
Sources are released. I will release a new binary version as soon as possible.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Google search engine bug

Today I found a bug on the Google search engine, very easy to reproduce.
1) Search "Simone Tregnago" with quotes. As you can see in the following picture the search will return 269 results: 10 pages.

At the bottom of the page you can select any of the 10 pages. Ok, try to go to the 10th clicking directly on the number 10.

Ops! Google now showed the 5th page instead of the 10th, and actually is the last page! Also note that the results become 42 instead of 269!

That's a bug, sure. I have to immediately write to Google's guys :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Printers on Gutsy

If you have printers that doesn't come with a Linux driver, and Ubuntu doesn't provide you the correct driver to print with them, you can try the PPD alternative.
I've successfully printed on a Ricoh Aficio SP C410 that doesn't print correctly with the drivers that comes with Ubuntu Gutsy.
Ricoh doesn't supply the Linux driver but you can download the Windows Postscript driver installation. Launching the .exe with Wine will expand the installation files in a temporary folder. Here you can find the necessary .ppd files. Now, in Ubuntu, you can install your Ricoh printer with the Postscript .ppd files.
This solution worked well for me and I think it could work for a large set of printers.
Remember: Postscript is your friend.

Monodevelop 0.19 + Boo, very well on Gutsy

I've successfully installed latest Monodevelop on Gutsy. It works very well, including Boo syntax highlighting and inline MonoDoc references ( pressing F1 key)
The light comes up to me when I've found this post
So, from there I've downloaded the mono-addins and mono-0.19 .deb packages.
After that I've downloaded monodevelop-boo.rpm from openSuse and converted it to a deb package.
For monodoc i've downloaded the monodoc_1.2.6-2~bpo40+1_all.deb backport package.
Latest boo deb package was downloaded directly from the official site, it works well.
I've installed my 5, fresh, Mono and Boo packages and... voilĂ , I've got a perfect MonoDevelop installation, with a working Boo addin with syntax highlighting and a MonoDoc browser correctly linked with the IDE.